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Colorado Attorney General Cynthia Coffman is a dedicated public servant, attorney and leader.  In November 2014, she won statewide election and on January 13, 2015, was sworn in as Colorado’s 38th Attorney General. Prior to being elected, Ms. Coffman was appointed in 2005 to serve as Chief Deputy of the Office proudly filling the role of chief of staff and chief operating officer for the largest public law firm in the state.

In 2004, Attorney General Coffman had the honor of serving then Colorado Governor, Bill Owens as his Chief Legal Counsel in the State Capitol. She has also served as the Director of Legal & Regulatory Affairs and later Deputy Executive Director for the Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment where she gained extensive experience with environmental issues related to air and water quality, hazardous waste regulation, and environmental health in addition to working on statewide bioterrorism and emergency planning efforts, disease control and prevention, maternal and child health programs and hospital and health facility regulation. 

Her first job in Denver was working for the Colorado General Assembly’s Office of Legislative Council. Ms. Coffman staffed the Senate Judiciary Committee and assisted with a study of the state’s adult parole system. Her legal career began 24 years ago in the Georgia Attorney General’s Office. As a courtroom attorney, she defended that state’s juvenile justice system and public health department. A few years later, she worked as a lawyer for the 1996 Centennial Olympic Games in Atlanta.  Following her initial assignment in Finance & Management Services, Ms. Coffman went on to work in risk management during the Games. On July 27, 1996, a domestic terrorist detonated pipe bombs in Olympic Park during a celebratory concert. One innocent spectator was killed and scores more badly injured. Attorney General Coffman acted as the primary liaison with the victims and their families demonstrating her compassion and resolve to fight for justice.  In 1997, on a post-Olympics visit to the Rocky Mountains, she decided to pursue her dream of moving to Colorado and has been a proud and happy resident of the Centennial State for the last eighteen years.

She currently is a member of the Colorado Supreme Court Chief Justice Commission on the Legal Profession. In September 2012, Law Week Colorado recognized her accomplishments by naming her as the Best Public Sector Lawyer.

A native Missourian, she graduated from the University of Missouri-Columbia. She worked in development for children’s hospitals and pediatric research for several years before completing law school at Georgia State University in Atlanta.

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