Organizational Structure of the DOL

The Department of Law (more commonly known as the Attorney General's Office) contains seven sections under the direction of Colorado State Attorney General John W. Suthers.  More information about each section is available through the links below:

Office of the Attorney General

The Office of the Attorney General heads the Department of Law, and sets policy.

Administration Section

The Administration Section provides administrative and support services for the Department of Law and the Colorado Attorney General.

Business and Licensing Section

The Business and Licensing Section provides legal advice and litigation services to several state agencies, including the Department of Regulatory Agencies, the Department of Revenue, Department of Agriculture, and the State Personnel Board.

Civil Litigation and Employment Law Section

The Civil Litigation and Employment Law Section defends State agencies and employees that are sued in state and federal courts by people claiming personal injuries, property damage, employment discrimination, and constitutional rights violations.

Consumer Protection Section

The Consumer Protection Section protects Colorado consumers and businesses against fraud and maintains a competitive business environment.

Criminal Justice Section

The Criminal Justice Section handles criminal appeals within Colorado, prosecutes some types of fraud, and assists with special and international prosecutions.

Natural Resources Section

The Natural Resources Section provides legal representation to the Colorado Department of Natural Resources, the Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment, and any other state agency or official with a natural resource or environmental issue.

Revenue and Utilities Section

In order to create better efficiencies and streamline operations, the Colorado legislature approved the creation of the new Revenue & Utilities Section in 2012.  The three units of the Revenue and Utilities Section provide litigation and general counsel support to the Department of Revenue, the Litigation Staff of the Public Utilities Commission within the Department of Regulatory Agencies, and the Property Tax Administrator and Property Tax Division within the Department of Local Affairs.

State Services Section

The State Services Section provides legal representation for the Governor, other elected state officials, the administrative parts of the judicial branch, the State Board of Education, over 20 Colorado-supported universities, colleges, and community colleges, and the Departments of Human Services, Public Health & Environment, Health Care Policy & Financing, Education, Higher Education, Labor & Employment, and Personnel & Administration.


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