AG Opinions - 1984

These opinions were based on the law as it existed at the time the opinions were issued. They may have been superceded by changes in constitutional, statutory, or case law.

No. 84-17 AG Alpha No. JD SC AGANG - September 28, 1984

Investment of court registry funds in interest-bearing accounts.

The Judicial Department is statutorily permitted to earn interest for the state on moneys held in the court registries. The interest earned on such moneys shall be credited to the general fund in accordance with section 24-36-114, C.R.S. (1982).



Attorney General

No. 84-17


No. 84-16 AG Alpha No. IN ED AGANI - August 31, 1984

Self-insurance of workmen's compensation by the Colorado Department of Institutions

No. 84-15 AG Alpha No. RV DB AGANK - August 21, 1984

Whether automobile leasing firm is a motor vehicle dealer as provided in section 12-6-102(13), C.R.S. (1973) and whether the leasing firm's agent is a used motor vehicle dealer as provided in section 12-6-102(17), C.R.S. (1973)

No. 84-14 AG Alpha No. PA PE AGANF - August 14, 1984

Calculation of benefits payable to judges who leave the bench before becoming eligible to receive immediate payment of PERA benefits, and select a deferred annuity payable at a later date

No. 84-13 AG Alpha No. LA WC AGANE - August 2, 1984

Whether the recent Colorado Supreme Court ruling disallowing deductions in the amount of the federal social security disability cost-of-living increases from workers' compensation payments shall be given retroactive or prospective application

No. 84-12 AG Alpha No. HE AG AGAND - July 26, 1984

The early retirement program of the State Board for Community Colleges and Occupational Education: Does it provide employee perquisites not authorized by statute or rule of the controller?

The state board may have an early retirement program which offers a part-time temporary employment option and which pays the insurance premiums to the employees who elect this option. The state board may not offer an incentive payment or a payment for accrued sick leave until such time as these perquisites are provided for by statute or rule of the controller.

No. 84-11 AG Alpha No. LW CU AGAMU - July 9, 1984

Self-insurance of workmen's compensation by the University of Colorado

The Industrial Commission is not prohibited from seeking security from public entities art. XI, sec. 1 of the Colorado Constitution. The University of Colorado, while limited in its ability to provide security by its own enabling statutes, can provide for and establish a trust fund account to secure its self-insurance program for workmen's compensation as long as it has the ability to pay from its annual income for the current year the amounts required for the trust fund.

No. 84-10 AG Alpha No. EX BE AGAMS - June 25, 1984

Duties of the Advisory Committee to the property tax administrator and clarification of the term "aggregate valuation"

The duties of the Advisory Committee as set forth in section 39-2-131, C.R.S. (1973), do not include the authority to set policy. Nor can the Advisory Committee perform any acts that are in conflict with the policies and guidelines of the State Board of Equalization, which has the sole and exclusive authority to regulate and administer the property tax laws within the state.

No. 84-09 AG Alpha No. NR AD AGAMX June 15, 1984

Limitations on the authority of the executive director of the Department of Natural Resources to transfer the accounting functions of the State Board of Land Commissioners to the controller of the Department of Natural Resources

No. 84-08 AG Alpha No. LA LA AGAMR - April 30, 1984

Whether town marshalls and other officers as referred to in section 31-4-304, C.R.S. (1977) are within the terms "mechanic," "workingman," or "laborer" as used in section 8-13-104, C.R.S. (1973).

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