AG Opinions - 1996

These opinions were based on the law as it existed at the time the opinions were issued. They may have been superceded by changes in constitutional, statutory, or case law.

No. 96-07 AG Alpha No. ST CO AGAVB - October 23, 1996

This opinion responds to a request from Secretary of State Victoria Buckley for an opinion concerning the confidentiality of Social Security numbers provided to the Central Indexing System Board ("Board").

No. 96-06 AG Alpha No. HE MI AGAVA - July 30, 1996

This opinion is in response to a request from the President of the Colorado School of Mines ("CSM") regarding whether the Board of Trustees of CSM can delegate authority to the faculty to modify Faculty Handbook provisions regarding tenure acquisition, t enure revocation, and other employment matters.

No. 96-05 AG Alpha No. TR AD AGAUR - July 3, 1996

This Opinion responds to a request from the State Treasurer, for an opini on addressing whether Local Government Mineral Impact funds could properly be used by a county to pay for a state-wide public opinion poll on the issue of growth.

No. 96-04 AG Alpha No. PE AD AGAUQ - April 12, 1996

This opinion is rendered in response to an inquiry from the Executive D irector of the Department of Personnel regarding the payment of geographically adjusted salaries to Colorado state personnel system employees.

No. 96-03 AG Alpha No. LE HR AGAUY - April 3, 1996

This opinion responds to a request from Representative Phil Pankey on an issue related to House Bill 96-1100. The bill would provide for the refunding of revenues in excess of the Arveschoug-Bird statutory limitation on state general fund appropriation. The refund is accomplished through a state income tax credit for the 199 6 income tax year. The bill also amends section 24-77-102(4), C.R.S. which defines "expenditure" for purposes of the Taxpayer Bill of Rights ("TABOR"), article X, section 20(2)(E), Colo. Const.

No. 96-02 AG Alpha No. HE TS AGAUC - March 8, 1996

This opinion responds to a request from the President of Metropolitan St ate College of Denver ("MSCD") for a formal Attorney General opinion concerning whether individual student evaluations of faculty members are subject to disclosure under the Colorado Public Records Act, section 24-72-201 et seq., C.R.S.

No. 96-01 AG Alpha No. LE GA AGAUX - February 27, 1996

This opinion responds to a request from Senate President Tom Norton on issues related to Senate Bill 96-60 and Senate Bill 96-193. Both bills make various amendments to the Urban and Rural Enterprise Zone Act (the "Enterprise Zone Act"), article 30 of Ti tle 39, C.R.S. Senator Norton's questions relate to the Taxpayer Bill of Rights ("TABOR"), article X, § 20(4)(a), Colo.

AG Opinions


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