AG Opinions - 1997

These opinions were based on the law as it existed at the time the opinions were issued. They may have been superceded by changes in constitutional, statutory, or case law.

No. 97-02 AG Alpha No. PE AC AGAVE - December 23, 1997

This opinion responds to the State Controller's request for an opinion concerning the authority of the State Controller to approve commitment vouchers where obligations have been incurred prior to their execution, and whether the Controller has any personal liability for approval of such commitment vouchers.

No. 97-01 AG Alpha No. CO CI AGAVC - March 11, 1997

This Opinion responds to an inquiry from the State Comptroller regarding the use of general funds to pay an "enterprise" as that term is used in Article X, Section 20 of the Colorado Constitution ("TABOR").

AG Opinions


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