AG Opinions - 2010

These opinions were based on the law as it existed at the time the opinions were issued. They may have been superceded by changes in constitutional, statutory, or case law.

No. 10-03 AG Alpha No. HE OB AGBDF - May 21, 2010

This opinion, requested by CollegeInvest Director Debra DeMuth on December 30, 2009, concerns CollegeInvest’s authority to engage an outside vendor to provide legislative strategy and lobbying services.

No. 10-02 AG Alpha No. EX AD AGBCY - February 1, 2010

On June 4, 2008, Governor Bill Ritter signed into law HB 08-1407, which increased the penalties that the Colorado Commissioner of Insurance (“Commissioner”) may impose against insurance companies for violations of Colorado insurance laws pursuant to sections 10-1-205(3)(b) and 10-3-1108, C.R.S.  HB 08-1407 also created a statutory cause of action for first-party claimant insureds to sue insurance companies for the unreasonable delay or denial of insurance claims pursuant to section 10-3-1116, C.R.S.  The provisions of HB 08-1407 became effective August 5, 2008.

No. 10-01 AG Alpha No. EX ED AGBDB - January 19, 2010

This opinion, requested by Governor Bill Ritter, Jr., concerns the application of Colorado laws allocating a portion of state capital construction appropriations to the acquisition of works of art to construction projects being financed through the Higher Education Federal Mineral Lease Revenues Fund.

AG Opinions


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