Transportation Unit

The Transportation Unit advises the Colorado Department of Transportation (CDOT) on a multitude of legal issues. The Unit prosecutes all condemnation actions, defends inverse condemnation actions and handles administrative actions. Unit attorneys also handle administrative appeals involving regulation of access control, billboard location, and relocation benefits. Additionally, Unit attorneys deal with CDOT procurement matters and protests. The Unit represents two TABOR-exempt enterprises that are divisions of CDOT. The attorneys of this Unit advise CDOT in construction matters and represent CDOT in construction disputes, claims and litigation.

The Unit also provides advice regarding environmental and real estate issues and defends and negotiates settlements in these areas. Members of the Unit assist with the drafting, review and revision of high-risk CDOT contracts and all innovative road and bridge construction contracts. The Unit assists in rulemaking and approval or regulations. Unit attorneys serve as issuer counsel in public finance transactions. The attorneys also review proposed legislation affecting CDOT.


If You Need Help

The Transportation Unit provides legal representation for the Department of Transportation and other state agencies, but cannot initiate action on behalf of the public. Please contact CDOT or the relevant state commission/board for assistance.


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