Workers' Compensation Unit

The Wokers' Compensation Unit defends state agencies and institutions of higher education in workers' compensation matters. The Unit manages litigation from inception through hearings and appeals, including fully-contested claims, challenges to specific disability and medical benefits, penalty allegations, petitions to review, and cases with subrogation or employment-law issues. The Unit represents the Special Funds Unit of the Division of Workers' Compensation, and its Subsequent Injury Fund and Major Medical Insurance Fund. The attorneys provide day-to-day advice to the Special Funds Unit, Risk Management's Workers' Compensation Division, the state agencies, and to Broadspire, the state's third-party administrator, regarding workers' compensation law, liability exposure and settlements.


If You Need Help

The Workers' Compensation Unit provides legal representation for the state, however, cannot initiate action on behalf of the public. Please contact the Colorado Division of Workers' Compensation directly for assistance.


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