Air Duct Expert, LLC, Air Duct Expert, And DTD Air Duct Cleaning

Colorado Attorney General John Suthers announced that a civil lawsuit was filed and Final Consent Judgement obtained against Roman Alylyarov, Stan Aylyarov, and their air duct cleaning companies, Air Duct Expert, LLC, Air Duct Expert, and DTD Air Duct Cleaning.  They are accused of advertising their cleaning services for very low prices, only to significantly increase their prices once inside a customer’s homes. This business model violates the Colorado Consumer Protection Act. 

“Along with misrepresenting their prices, the defendants also perform shoddy, incomplete work using inadequate tools that leaves dust and debris in consumers’ ductwork and sometimes causes damage to homes,” explained Suthers. “Based on consumer complaints, defendants sometimes leave homes in worse shape than before service was performed.”

According to the complaint, the defendents advertised their companies’ services for as little as $29.99 in coupon books and online sites such as Groupon and Crowdsavings. By marketing their services through Groupon and Crowdsavings, consumers paid for vouchers upfront. When service workers were onsite, however, consumers were informed that additional charges would apply.

The lawsuit is the result of the Attorney General’s ongoing efforts to combat air duct cleaning companies that misrepresent their prices and perform incomplete, unprofessional work that has the potential to cause damage to homes and incur health issues for residents.

People should be on the lookout for companies whose promises seem too good to be true and are encouraged to file complaints  with the Office’s Consumer Protection Section if they feel they’ve been victimized. Consumers my report issues by calling 800-222-4444 or clicking:

To learn more about recent actions the Colorado Attorney General’s Office has taken against other companies engaged in deceptive trade practices, please visit

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