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The United States Attorney for the District of Colorado, John F. Walsh, and the Colorado Attorney General, John W. Suthers, announce the end of a national foreclosure rescue scheme. The perpetrators, operating through Bella Homes LLC, had promised hundreds of distressed homeowners that Bella Homes would help homeowners avoid foreclosure. Instead of helping homeowners, the perpetrators helped themselves to a lavish lifestyle replete with fancy cars, vacations, and even gold coins.

The Civil Action, brought jointly by the United States Attorney’s Office for the District of Colorado and the State Attorney General of Colorado, put an end to a scheme that started in March 2010, in the basement of a convicted felon in Georgia, and went national, affecting homeowners in Colorado and other states all across the country.   

As part of the Consent Judgment, the Defendants have permanent restrictions on their ability to work in the mortgage industry and residential real estate related businesses.  In addition, the Defendants must return any vehicles in their possession that were leased by Bella Homes, Mark Diamond, Diamond and Associates, or Diamond Corporation. In addition, money previously frozen in Defendants’ bank accounts, as well as cash in a safe deposit box, and the proceeds of gold coins obtained by Bella Homes, will all be made available to the Department of Law at the State of Colorado to be returned to homeowner victims. To this amount, Defendant Mark Stephen Diamond will add an additional $300,000 within the next 90 days. After that time, the Defendants will make additional payments of approximately $200,000 over the next five years, for a total anticipated recovery of approximately $1.2 million. 

The named Defendants are Bella Homes, LLC., and Mark Stephen Diamond, Daniel David Delpiano, Michael Terrell, David Delpiano, and Laura C. Tabrizipour, individually.

For Bella Homes Consumers

Homeowners who conducted business with Bella Homes and have NOT completed the Bella Homes Questionnaire should do so immediately at 

Affected homeowners should be aware the overall process involves a variety of time consuming steps including; the determination of victims, collection of funds, notification, and disbursements.  As a result, it is expected most homeowners should be receiving partial reimbursement within approximately 6 months.  In lieu of contacting our office, you may continue viewing case updates on our website as new information will be posted in a timely manner.  

To learn more about the case and to view official court filings and media notifications, please see below.

Bella Homes Complaint
Bella Homes TRO Motion
Bella Homes TRO
Bella Homes Consent Judgment
Bella Homes Order Voiding Homeowner Deeds

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Suthers encouraged consumers who are facing or in foreclosure to obtain help from the Colorado Foreclosure Hotline at 1-877-601- 4673 before hiring a private company to try to modify their home loans. If a consumer insists on hiring a private loan modification company, Suthers encouraged consumers to bear in mind:

  • It is illegal in Colorado for a loan modification company to charge you an upfront fee. Loan modification companies can only charge you once their services are completed.
  • Consumers should be wary of any company that tells you to stop making your loan payments or to stop working with your lender. Failing to make payments could result in a foreclosure.
  • Never ignore communication from your lender at the behest of a loan modification firm. Most lenders have loan modification programs that can help you save your home. In some cases, all a borrower has to do is contact his or her lender and provide some current financial information.
  • If a company promises to get rid of your debt, they are making a promise they cannot keep.
  • Check out any loan modification company you are considering hiring. The Better Business Bureau maintains ratings of businesses. Any company with an “F” rating should be avoided.

Consumer who believe they have been the victim of a loan-modification or foreclosure-rescue scam should file a complaint via For more information on loan modification companies or other types of foreclosure-rescue firms, visit the Office of the Attorney General’s Mortgage Fraud Information Center