Fight-2-Live Foundation

The Office of the Attorney General's Consumer Protection Unit has reached a final judgment against Sarah Paige Widener and the Colorado nonprofit Corporation Fight-2-Live Foundation, both of Thornton. 

According to the complaint filed in Adam’s County District Court, defendant Widener frequently solicited charitable donations and services for herself and others while misrepresenting that she is a cancer victim. Additionally, Widener operated and promoted Fight-2-Live Foundation based upon her fraudulent representation of being a cancer victim. Widener used her deceptive story of being a cancer victim to obtain gifts of significant value intended by good-willed donors to help alleviate Widener’s suffering.

As part of the judgment, Widener is permanently enjoined from operating, forming, establishing, or working for any charitable organization in any capacity. Additionally, Widener and Fight-2-Live Foundation shall pay $8,423 in consumer restitution.


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