Claim Specialists International, Inc.

State of Colorado v. Claim Specialists International, Inc., d/b/a CSI, a/k/a Claims Specialists International, Inc., a/k/a Claim Specialists, Inc., a Colorado For-Profit Corporation; Glenn Jessen, individually and as officer thereof; Melissa King, individually and as an officer thereof; Mark Baker, individually and as an officer thereof; and Robert Downey, individually and as an officer thereof; Star II Roofing and Construction Company d/b/a K2 Roofing and Construction Company, a/k/a K2 Construction and Roofing, LLC, a Nevada Limited Liability Company.

Case No: 2009CV008366 – Denver District Court

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Please note, the restitution process involves a variety of time consuming steps including; the determination of victims, collection of funds, notification, and disbursements.  Recipients who qualify for restitution under the court order will be notified if and when these processes are completed. In lieu of contacting our office, continue viewing case updates on our website as new information will be posted as its received.

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