Mortgage Fraud Information Center

Colorado was one of the first states to feel the brunt of the foreclosure crisis. In 2006 Colorado led the nation in foreclosures per capita. Although Colorado has since dropped to fifth in 2007, 2008 and 2009 as the foreclosure crisis has affected other parts of the country, Colorado has been at the forefront of dealing with this crisis.

The Office of the Attorney General also has been a leader in pursuing cases against mortgage brokers, foreclosure rescue companies and loan modification firms that have defrauded Colorado consumers. (Click here to view documentation from all of the Office of the Attorney General’s recent foreclosure- and mortgage-related consumer protection lawsuits.)

Consumers facing foreclosure or in foreclosure might have questions about their rights and the resources available to them under the Colorado Foreclosure Protection Act and other consumer protection laws. If so, you can visit the links below to help you confront your situation: