Complaint Form Information

Before any action can be taken on a consumer complaint, we must receive that complaint in writing. We will review your complaint to determine if our office has the statutory authority to proceed. If we have jurisdiction, we may send a copy of your complaint to the company for its response. You will receive a copy of the company's response unless it is kept for additional investigation.

If we do not have jurisdiction over the matter, we will refer your complaint to the proper authority. We will notify you if we are unable to assist you.

We are prohibited by law from giving legal advice. To preserve any legal rights you may have, you may wish to consult a private attorney about your legal options under the law.

You may wish to review the list of Colorado and national Referral Agencies that may be of assistance.

If you want a collection agency to stop calling you at work or home, send a letter to the collection agency. A telephone call is insufficient. Send a letter return receipt requested and keep a copy for yourself. Once the agency receives the letter, continued phone calls are prohibited.

A collection agency can call between 8 a.m. and 9 p.m. in your time zone including weekends. If this inconvenient, write the collection agency and indicate which times you may be called.

Keep copies of all letters you send to a collection agency and make notes of your calls. Get the full name of the person with whom you are speaking.

You do not have a right to make partial payments unless the collection agency agrees. Put all payment arrangements in writing.


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