Certification Renewal

Certifications remain active as long as you are employed as a Colorado Peace Officer as described in Title 16 Article 2.5 of the Colorado Revised Statutes, and up to three years after leaving a position.  You must renew your certification if you allow your certification to lapse, and wish to return to duty. Please note that becoming a reserve officer after you've received Basic Certification also keeps your certification in effect.

In most cases, any former Colorado peace officer who at one time possessed basic certification but who has not worked as a peace officer or reserve peace officer within the past three years, may apply for renewal of his or her basic certification. There is no time limit  for certification renewal.

The renewal process can be initiated through the POST portal.  After logging in, scroll down on the main page to your certification section and click on Renew Certification.  You must also order a Renewal Packet, which contains forms, the POST fingerprint card, and other materials you will need for renewal. Many required forms may be uploaded via the portal.

Certification renewal requires that you complete all paperwork, fingerprint card, and successfully complete the written certification and the three skills exams.  


The one-day test-out is given in the Denver metro area every other month. The test-out includes both the written exam and skills exams. During the skills evaluation, the applicant must demonstrate proficiency in firearms, driving and arrest control by evaluation against POST proficiency standards for each skill. There is no instructional time during the test-out. If you have not maintained your skills, we suggest you attend a refresher academy to reinforce your skills before being tested. See Exam Schedule for exam dates.

The fee to test-out is $125 for each of the three skills. The written exam fee is $150. Registration and advance payment of $525.00 is required in order to participate in the test-out process. Only a certified check or money order payable to “POST” will be accepted as payment.

Basic certification will be renewed upon successful completion of the one-day test-out, provided all other requirements have been met.

Refresher Academy

refresher academy is a two- or three-week academy that consists of both academics and skills training in firearms, driving and arrest control. The written exam is administered on the last day of the academy. If all requirements are met and the POST exam passed, the Basic certification will be renewed. Your original PID/certification numbers will be reactivated. No new certificate will be issued. You may print  a copy of your renewed certificate through the POST portal.  Your POST certificate will continue to have the same issue date as your first certification, but the expiration date will be active for 3 years after the renewal process has been completed. POST no longer issues PID cards.

Every person who possesses basic certification must update any change in his or her address or telephone number through the POST Portal. Any name change requires submission of a Form 5 - Change of Name, with proof of name change.


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