Provisional Certification

Provisional certification is an interim certification that affords a qualified out-of-state officer the opportunity to obtain employment as a Colorado peace officer while completing the requirements for Basic certification. Please note that Provisional certification candidates must have required paperwork and forms submitted and approved with Colorado POST prior to starting employment with an agency. 

Officers who are fully certified in another state (or certain federal law enforcement agencies), and have served for a minimum of one year within the last three years qualify for Provisional certification. If you do not meet the requirements, you must attend a full Basic academy.

You MUST receive your Provisional letter prior to beginning employment!

If you have a break in service of less than six months,  you can receive Provisional certification after completing all required paperwork, and will have six months to complete the three skills tests and the written certification exam to receive Basic certification.

If you have a break in service of longer than six months, you must pass the written POST certification examination prior to receiving Provisional certification.  You may begin working for an agency and will have six months to complete the three skills tests to receive Basic certification.

The Provisional packet contains all required forms, fingerprint card, and information you will need to begin the Provisional certification process.  To obtain the Provisional Packet, please send a certified check or money order for $30.00 and this form. The Skills Proficiency Manual is included with the Provisional Packet. This manual gives detailed information on what to expect when demonstrating your proficiency in the skills areas.


The one-day test-out is given in the Denver metro area every other month. The test-out includes both the written exam and skills exams. During the skills evaluation, the applicant must demonstrate proficiency in firearms, driving and arrest control by evaluation against POST proficiency standards for each skill. There is no instructional time during the test-out. If you have not maintained your skills, we suggest you attend a refresher academy to reinforce your skills before being tested. See Exam Schedule for exam dates.

The fee to test-out is $125 for each of the three skills. The written exam fee is $150. Registration and advance payment of $525.00 is required in order to participate in the test-out process. Only a certified check or money order payable to “POST” will be accepted as payment.

Basic certification will be awarded upon successful completion of the on-day test-out, provided all other requirements have been met.

Refresher Academy

A refresher academy is a two- or three-week academy that consists of both academics and skills training in firearms, driving and arrest control. The written exam is administered on the last day of the academy. If all requirements are met and the POST exam passed, the applicant will be awarded Basic certification.


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