POST Forms

All POST forms are in PDF format unless noted otherwise:


Basic Certification (Academy use only)    Form 1
Application for Reserve Certification Form 2
Application for Provisional Certification Form 3
Application for Renewal Form 4
Please log into the POST Portal to change Name, Address or Phone
  Request Portal access here if not yet provided
Form 5

Notice of Peace Officer Appointment
  Please log into the POST Portal, Academy Resources tab, Form 6

Form 6
Application for Academy Approval Form 7
Application for Training Program Approval Form 8
VIN Inspector Certification Form 9
Application for VIN Inspector Training Program Approval Form 9A
Instructor/Course Evaluation Form 10
Course Evaluation Form 10A
Academy Evaluation Form 10B
Enrollment Advisory Form From 11E
Group/Position Peace Officer Authority and Status - Sunrise Provision Form 12
Exam Scheduling - Academy Use Only NA
ADA Accommodation Form



Renewal Packet   ($20.00 certified check or money order) 
Provisional Packet  ($30.00 certified check or money order)
POST Skills Proficiency Manual Order Form

NOTE:  Effective 7/12/13 POST will no longer issue PID cards (replacements or originals).


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