Subject Matter Expert Committees

Subject Matter Expert (SME) Committees are comprised of law enforcement professionals who volunteer their time and expertise to assist the POST Board and staff by contributing professional technical support by: 

  • Providing recommendations to the board and staff regarding skills training programs, academic curriculums and POST rules
  • Reviewing documents and approving/denying academy programs, lesson plans, training sites and skills instructors
  • Assisting POST staff with academy inspections and skills test-outs. 

Each committee is comprised of 12 to 20 members and includes a chairperson appointed by the POST director and a representative member of the POST Board. SME Committee members reflect the wide variety of law enforcement agencies throughout the state, including; large and small police departments and sheriff’s offices, law enforcement agency and community college academies, and state criminal justice agencies. Rank and assignment are not factors in the selection process.  

Committee Resources

Committee Membership

Prospective SME members must submit a completed application for membership and include supporting documentation and letter of agency support. Each committee has specific qualifications for membership. The application process may include an interview with current committee members.  Selection is made on merit as well as the needs of POST at the time of appointment.

If you have any questions regarding the SME committees please contact POST Investigator Cristine Mack at 720-508-6731 or



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