Anti-Bias Training Course FAQ

Mandatory Anti-Bias Training FAQs

Required for all Colorado certified peace officers per CRS 24-31-309.

Officers who completed a Colorado Basic Academy that began after July 1, 2005 and received this training in the academy meet statutory requirements.

CRS does not specify a date when the Anti-Bias training must be completed. Check with your agency to see if they have set a completion date and follow those guidelines.

POST is offering an online Anti-Bias course:

               Meets statutory requirements.

               Registration fee of $20.00 per student.

               POST Identification (PID) number required for on-line registration.

There is no time limit for completing the course.  You may stop at any time while  taking the course. When you return you can begin again where you left off.  You will not be required to start over.  If you stop mid-course, please note the username with which your registered.  If you register with a second username, you may not receive credit for the course.

There are 4 modules. You must complete ALL modules.  There is no provision in this program for the student to receive a certificate of completion.

The length of time it takes to complete all of the modules is determined by the student. Plan on 1 ½- 2 hours. Regardless of how long it takes to complete, the student will receive 8 hours of POST credit.

POST compiles reports from the online registration. Do not notify POST when you have completed the course.  It will automatically be entered into your training record.

Agencies may request reports detailing who in their agency has/has not completed the course.  

POST Anti-Bias Training Contact:    Lori Jencks, Admin Asst

Agencies are under no obligation to use the POST online Anti-Bias course. Agencies may obtain or conduct their own in-house Anti-Bias course that meets the requirements of CRS.  The POST Manual outlines learning goals and outcomes for Basic Academy coursework regarding Anti-Bias.  This may be a resource for your course development:  Section C, I - Introduction to Criminal Justice, Paragraph D - Law Enforcement Ethics and Anti-Bias Policing.  If an agency chooses to do this please follow the guidelines for POST course approval and work with:

POST Training Contact:       Bob Baker - In-Service Training Manager


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