Special Prosecutions Unit

The Special Prosecutions Unit (SP) primary duties center around collaborating with the state’s elected District Attorneys, as well as with various local, state and federal law enforcement officials to investigate and prosecute complex or multi-jurisdictional matters which occur within and/or impact the citizens of the State of Colorado. These crimes include but are not limited to Narcotics Trafficking, Human Trafficking, White Collar Mortgage and Bank Fraud, as well as Theft and Burglary Rings. SP has established an expertise in handling these types of cases, many of which involve allegations of violation of the Colorado Organized Crime Control Act (COCCA) and which often rely upon the use of the Statewide Grand Jury to assist with the complex investigations and the eventual charging decision.

The unit also possesses original jurisdiction to investigate and prosecute specifically enumerated criminal offenses, such as certain environmental crimes, state tax offenses, election offenses and other unique types of fraud. In terms of Attorney General’s ongoing commitment to protecting the health of Coloradans, SP’s investigation and prosecution of the most serious environmental crimes is centered on its dedication of a specially trained investigator along with a prosecutor to tackle these complex matters.

In addition, SP often receives referrals and requests from numerous state agencies, other prosecutor offices and the Governor’s Office to conduct special investigations. When these types of requests do occur it’s often when a perceived conflict exists and SP’s involvement and leadership from that point going forward can provide a conflict free investigation and prosecution.

SP also includes the Attorney General’s Violent Crime Assistance Team (VCAT) which is a specially trained team of prosecutors and investigators who are tasked with the duty of providing all aspects of investigative and prosecutorial support in some of Colorado’s most serious homicide and other felony violent crime cases. VCAT is currently involved in both active and cold cases and works closely with the state’s local District Attorneys and law enforcement with a goal of working to ensure that justice is achieved.


Reporting an Environmental Crime

To file a report of an environmental crime, please fill out the form at this link.

If You Need Help

The SPU cannot initiate action on behalf of the public.  If you have been a victim of a crime, or have information about a crime, contact your local law enforcement agency for assistance.


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