Air Quality Unit

The Air Quality Unit provides a full suite of legal services to the Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment (Department), Air Pollution Control Division and Air Quality Control Commission, as well as the Colorado Energy Office. We advise and represent the Colorado Energy Office on matters concerning its mission to promote effective and efficient production and consumption of energy in Colorado.  We also advise and represent the Department on a variety of air quality programs that Colorado implements in partnership with the United States Environmental Protection Agency under the Clean Air Act. 

  • We help the Department combat smog and ground-level ozone.
  • We advise on matters including the administration of the Air Pollution Prevention and Control Act and implementing regulations adopted by the Air Quality Control Commission including, where appropriate, preparing formal opinions. 
  • We assist the Air Pollution Control Division and the Air Quality Control Commission with rulemaking.
  • We prosecute enforcement actions on behalf of the Air Pollution Control Division in proceedings before the Air Quality Control Commission and before the courts. 
  • We defend decisions of the Department in civil actions in Colorado state district and appellate courts as well as federal district and appellate courts. 
  • We review legislative bills affecting these agencies and advise the Department on legal and policy issues.

If You Need Help

Attorneys in the Air Quality Unit provide advice and legal representation to State agencies. Our attorneys are not allowed to provide legal advice or representation to members of the public. If you have an environmental or air quality concern, please contact the appropriate agency for assistance: 

For additional information on the Air Quality Control Division or to report an air quality violation call: (303) 692-3100. 

For information on asbestos management, visit the Air Pollution Control Division - Indoor Environment Program's asbestos website at or email questions or comments to  To report an asbestos violation, contact the Asbestos Compliance Assistance Group at (303) 692-3100.



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