Parks and Wildlife Unit

The Parks and Wildlife Unit provides legal representation to the Division of Parks and Wildlife and the Parks and Wildlife Commission (collectively referred to as "Colorado Parks and Wildlife"). While Colorado Parks and Wildlife has significant law enforcement and regulatory duties related to hunting and fishing and outdoor recreational activities in Colorado, including vessels, snowmobiles and off-highway vehicles, it is somewhat unique in the state system in that it is designated as a TABOR enterprise and operates largely as a state-run business. Colorado Parks and Wildlife is completely cash funded. The funds Colorado Parks and Wildlife generates through the sale of hunting and fishing licenses and parks passes, together with federal funds and funds provided by Great Outdoors Colorado, are responsible for all state wildlife management and park and outdoor recreation programs. Colorado Parks and Wildlife holds significant land and water interests throughout the state of Colorado, which are managed as state wildlife and habitat areas, and state parks and recreation areas. In that regard, the attorneys who represent Colorado Parks and Wildlife act much in the nature of general counsel for a "for profit" corporation with the added duties of advising Colorado Parks and Wildlife with regard to its law enforcement and on-going land management activities.

If You Need Help

The Parks and Wildlife Unit provides legal representation to the State. It cannot initiate action on behalf of the public or provide legal advice to any member of the public.  If you have a wildlife management or park and outdoor recreation concern, please contact Colorado Parks and Wildlife for assistance.


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