Water and Radiation



If You Need Help

The Water and Radiation Unit provides legal representation to the State, but cannot initiate action on behalf of the public. If you have an environmental concern, please contact the appropriate agency for assistance: 

For additional information on the Air Quality Control Division or to report an air quality violation call: (303) 692-3100. 

For information on asbestos management, visit the Air Pollution Control Division - Indoor Environment Program's asbestos website athttp://www.cdphe.state.co.us/ap/asbestos/index.html or email questions or comments to asbestos@state.co.us.  To report an asbestos violation contact, the Asbestos Compliance Assistance Group at (303) 692-3100.

For additional information on the Water Quality Control Division or to report a water quality violation, call: (303) 692-3500. 

To report drinking water violations, contact the Drinking Water Compliance Assurance Unit at (303) 692-3541.  For information on testing drinking water, call (303) 692-3039 or visit CDPHE's Laboratory Services Division at http://www.cdphe.state.co.us/lr/water.htm

If you have a questions or concerns relating to wholesale or retail food establishments, contact the Consumer Protection Division at (303) 692-3620, or email your comments tocomments.cdp@state.co.us . 

Food contamination concerns may also be reported to your local Health Department. Visit CDPHE's Local Public Health Agencies website athttp://www.cdphe.state.co.us/opp/locallist.html for contact information.

If you have concerns regarding a licensed x-ray technician performing procedures involving x-rays, mammography or bone density testing, contact the Radiation/X-Ray Certification Unit at (303) 692-3300.


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