Harnessing the Winning Mind and Warrior Spirit & In Pursuit of Personal Excellence

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Wednesday, January 16, 2013
Central Mountain

Harnessing the Winning Mind – 4 hours A.M. SM0017
In the journey through their career it is helpful for law enforcement professionals to have key themes and concepts to help guide them. This presentation addresses a number of those key themes starting with the Warrior Pyramid.  The Warrior Pyramid is a concept that examines the core elements necessary for law enforcement officers to be able to perform their job most effectively. It is also important for law enforcement professionals to have an understanding of Life’s Most Powerful Question – What’s Important Now? The W.I.N. philosophy will be explored throughout the day as it relates to The Winning Mind, The Warrior Spirit and creating a Legacy of Excellence. This presentation will also address key aspects of the Winning Mind and Warrior Spirit including the pursuit of personal excellence, and the link between warrior values and organizational core values.  

In Pursuit of Personal Excellence 4 hours P.M. SM0023
This powerful presentation will set the stage for the day’s discussions by exploring the issues around victim thinking that has become pervasive in today's world and in many law enforcement agencies. Every member of a law enforcement organization plays a critical role in reversing this thinking and leading the organization towards excellence. Through the use of stories and the analogy of The Ostrich and The Eagle, Brian will explore the causes of this type of debilitating thinking which serves to limit the overall effectiveness of individuals within organizations and therefore stand in the way of organizational excellence. Daring to Soar is about breaking free from victim (Ostrich) thinking and inspiring individuals and organizations to achieve excellence. Brian will also share powerful stories of people who, faced with incredible obstacles and challenges still Dared to Soar by choosing to view adversity in their life as an opportunity to learn and grow as a part of their journey on the path to excellence.

Training Provider:           Central Mountain Training Foundation

Instructor(s):                  Brian Willis

Host Agency:                  Pikes Peak Community College
                                       C, S Z

Agency Contact:             Neal Tyler

8 hours total for both classes


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