National Association Of Attorneys General Announces New Committee Leadership

DENVER - National Association of Attorneys General (NAAG) President and Indiana Attorney General Steve Carter announced that Colorado Attorney General John Suthers has been selected to Co-Chair the NAAG Criminal Law Committee.

“It is an honor to be selected Co-Chair of the NAAG Criminal Law Committee,” said Attorney General Suthers. “I hope to use my experience in the Colorado criminal justice arena to help other states better protect their citizens. I look forward to working together with my colleagues in furthering our criminal enforcement efforts.”  

In addition to this appointment, Attorney General Suthers was also appointed to serve as a member of the U.S. Attorney General’s Executive Working Group on Prosecutorial Relations, consisting of U.S. attorneys, district attorneys and attorneys general.

As chief legal officers of the states, commonwealths and territories of the United States, the attorneys general have an array of responsibilities dealing in areas of consumer protection and law enforcement.

In making these appointments, Attorney General Carter praised the leadership of Attorney General Suthers and thanked him for his continued effort to foster interstate cooperation and communication in the area of criminal law.

“As the chief legal officers of the states, attorneys general have a responsibility to work together and protect consumers and public health and safety.  Through the leadership of Attorney General Suthers, we will work to serve the public interest,” Attorney General Carter said.

Attorney General Carter worked diligently with attorneys general to select the 2005 NAAG committee leadership. For his presidential year, Attorney General Carter said he would work to enhance the transparency of NAAG and its accountability.

NAAG committees are charged with studying all substantive matters within their jurisdiction and making recommendations to the attorneys general. The Criminal Law Committee will be supported by work from other attorneys general staff and NAAG staff alike. The committee will convene throughout the year to ensure that attorneys general and their staffs are working together and are updated on all relevant issues in the area of criminal law.

The National Association of Attorneys General was founded in 1907 to help attorneys
general fulfill the responsibilities of their offices and to assist in the delivery of high quality legal services to the states and territorial jurisdictions. NAAG fosters interstate cooperation on legal and law enforcement issues, conducts policy research and analysis of issues and facilitates communication between the states’ chief legal officers and all levels of government.

For more information, please visit NAAG’s Web site at or call Laura Cruzada, Communications Assistant, at 202-326-6027.


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