Attorney General Suthers Encourages Students To Report Threats In Recognition Of School Safety Month

DENVER – In recognition of School Safety Month, Attorney General John Suthers today urged students to do their part to ensure their schools are safe environments and report any suspicious activity or tips that could deter school violence.

“With school back in session, it is important that we remind our students that they play an important role in the safety of their school,” said Attorney General Suthers. “One way we can help keep our children safe is by encouraging efforts like the Safe2Tell program, an initiative the Attorney General’s Office has partnered with to deter school violence.”

In conjunction with this announcement, Attorney General Suthers sent school administrators and superintendents packets of posters and a letter encouraging prevention efforts and explaining the Safe2Tell program.

“According to the U.S. Secret Service, in 75 percent of violent incidents in our schools, someone other than the attacker knew it was going to happen but failed to report it,” said Suthers. “The Safe2Tell initiative encourages students to voice their concerns and take responsibility for keeping themselves and others safe.”

Safe2Tell is a non-profit organization of the Crime Stoppers Program. Students who are concerned about a threat can call their toll-free tip line (877-542-SAFE) and speak with a highly trained professional at the State Patrol Communications Center. The callers name is kept anonymous and the tip is immediately forwarded to the school principal and/or law enforcement. Translation services are available 24 hours a day.

“Young people know what is happening in and around their schools.  They know if there is unsafe behavior, a planned fight, alcohol, drugs, guns, they know if someone is depressed or being bullied,” said Safe2Tell Director Susan Payne. “If they are concerned about their safety or the safety of someone else, it is critical that they tell an adult they trust or Safe2Tell. Early intervention and prevention are critical.” 

Further information on the Safe2Tell program can be found online at:


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