Attorney General Suthers Announces Sentencing Of Loveland Bail Bondsman

DENVER – Attorney General John Suthers today announced that David Frisco, 48, of Loveland was sentenced to 12 years in prison for crimes relating to the operation of his bail bond business known as Colorado Bail Bonds, Golden West Bail Bonds, and Acoma Ten Percent Bail Bonds.

“The multiple offenses for which David Frisco was indicted reveal a disturbing pattern of criminal behavior,” said Suthers. “We were pleased to receive the maximum sentence possible.” Under the terms of the plea agreement, the maximum sentence Frisco could have received was 12 years.

The offenses occurred between June 1, 2002 and July 18, 2003. Frisco was indicted by the State Grand Jury for receiving payments, as premium, from people charged with crimes, or others on their behalf. Frisco was alleged to have agreed with several individuals charged with crimes that he would post their bond and waive the payment of a premium or the posting of collateral in exchange for their committing criminal acts for Frisco’s benefit, such as obtaining stolen property, and manufacturing methamphetamine or cocaine. In the case of female bondees, Frisco was alleged to have demanded “interest” payments on the “loaned” bond payment in the form of sexual favors such as fellatio, and their agreement to obtain methamphetamine precursors necessary for the manufacturing of the drug.

Frisco pleaded guilty to Theft Receiving, a Class 3 felony, Criminal Impersonation, a Class 6 felony, Possession of Methamphetamine, a Class 3 felony, and Attempt to Cause a Hazardous Substances Incident, a Class 5 felony.

The case was a combined prosecution effort between the Attorney General’s office and the District Attorney’s office of the 8th Judicial District in Ft. Collins.


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