Attorney General Suthers Convenes Second Meeting Of The Colorado Methamphetamine Task Force

DENVER – Attorney General John Suthers will convene the second meeting of the Colorado Methamphetamine Task Force tomorrow, Tuesday, September 12 at 10 AM. The public meeting will be held at the Department of Law (1525 Sherman Street, Denver) in room 610.

At tomorrow’s meeting, task members will begin to develop a strategy to most effectively address meth in Colorado and assist local communities with curbing methamphetamine abuse.

“To best combat Colorado’s meth epidemic, we need to first assess and understand the scope of the problem,” said Suthers. “Together, we’re putting together a strategy that will tackle meth at its roots.”

To further the Task Force’s efforts at combating meth, at July’s meeting, Suthers announced the formation of a Data Collection Subcommittee and a State Funding Subcommittee. These two subcommittees will provide their first report to General Suthers at tomorrow’s meeting.

The Data Collection Subcommittee is charged with assessing meth abuse in Colorado, collecting data and figures to better understand the scope of the problem whereas the State Funding Subcommittee will identify and apply for grant money for statewide and local efforts that address meth.

The Colorado Methamphetamine Task Force, established pursuant to HB 06-1145, will meet again in November.

The Colorado Methamphetamine Task Force includes the following members:

Attorney General John Suthers

Jose Esquibel, Interagency Prevention Systems, Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment (appointed by Senate President Joan Fitzgerald)
Lori Moriarty, Commander, Thornton Police Department, North Metro Drug Task Force (appointed by Gov. Owens)
Janet Wood, Director, Alcohol and Drug Abuse Division, Department of Human Services (appointed by Speaker of the House Andrew Romanoff)

Ty Gee, Attorney with Haddon, Morgan and Foreman
Erin Goff, Attorney with Colorado Municipal League
Chief Gary Hamilton, Cripple Creek Police Department
Judge James Hiatt, 8th Judicial District – State Judicial Department designee
Sheriff Stan Hilkey, Mesa County
John Karakoulakis, Governor’s Office Policy Advisor
Janelle Krueger, Principal Consultant, Colorado Department of Education
Dr. Wayne Maxwell, Northeast Behavioral Health
Rep. Bob McCluskey – House Minority Leader designee
Jeaneene Miller, Director, Division of Adult Parole, Community Corrections, and Youth Offender System
Sen. Shawn Mitchell – Senate Minority Leader designee
Carmelita Muniz, Director, Colorado Association of Alcohol and Drug Service Providers – Speaker of the House designee
Carol Poole, Director, Department of Public Safety Division of Criminal Justice
Tom Quinn, Director of Probation Services – State Judicial Department designee
Janet Rowland, County Commissioner Mesa County
Theresa Spahn, Director, Office of Child Representative
Dr. Nick Taylor, Taylor Behavioral Health
Dave Thomas, Director, Colorado District Attorneys Council – President of the Senate designee
Tara Trujillo, Child Health Specialist, Colorado Children’s Campaign
Ted Trujillo, Director, Division of Child Welfare, Department of Human Services
Dr. Kathryn Wells, Denver Health Human Service Agency
Bob Watson, District Attorney, 13th JD, Ft. Morgan


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