Attorney General Suthers Announces Conviction Of Greeley Couple In Workman’s Comp Case

DENVER – Attorney General John Suthers today announced the conviction of Verna Ray Brown (DOB 9/23/55) and Rodney Fessenden (DOB 4/26/66) for multiple felony counts in connection with falsifying insurance certificates for hundreds of workers in the Greeley area.

According to the indictment, Brown and Fessenden operated several staffing agencies, including Absolute Solutions and 3B Enterprises. Since 2003, they staffed hundreds of workers with businesses in Greeley and surrounding areas including Boulder, Longmont, Sterling and Fort Collins.

“By forging insurance certificates, Ms. Brown and Mr. Fessenden placed hundreds of workers at risk,” said Suthers. “They put roofers, welders, truck drivers and sheet metal workers in potentially dangerous jobs with no coverage. It was their responsibility to ensure that their workers were covered.”

Suthers also noted that the defendants’ criminal activities also hurt honest businesses competing for contracts. Since the defendants were not paying insurance for their workers, they were often able to significantly underbid their competitors.

Brown was convicted on eighteen felony counts, whereas Fessenden was convicted on thirteen counts. Both Brown and Fessenden were convicted on counts of forgery, criminal impersonation, possession of a forged instrument and offering a false instrument for recording.

Brown and Fessenden are scheduled for sentencing on December 14, 2006, Weld County District Court. The case numbers for Brown and Fessenden are 05CR1658 and 05CR1657, respectively.


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