Attorney General Suthers Renews Call For Legislature To Adequately Fund Efforts To Enforce Counterfeit ID Law

DENVER – Attorney General Suthers today called on the legislature to provide his office with adequate funding so he can begin enforcing SB-110, legislation passed earlier this year that imposes a minimum $50,000 civil penalty on any person who forges or creates fraudulent identification documents.

“To adequately enforce this statute, we need staff who can give this issue their full attention,” said Suthers. “If this issue is indeed a concern, as I believe it to be, I ask the legislature to put teeth behind their bill and give the Attorney General’s Office resources to do our job. Absent adequate funding, the bill does nothing to address illegal immigration or ID theft.”

In the upcoming legislative session, the Office of the Attorney General will request a supplemental to fund the implementation of the statute created by SB-110.

“Make no mistake, I take enforcement of this legislation seriously,” said Suthers. “I hope the legislature will consider our proposal.”

During the legislative session, the Attorney General’s Office informed the legislature that enforcement would require at least one lawyer and one investigator. The legislature provided funding for less than one employee and required such funds come from the Judicial Stabilization Cash Fund, which is funded through court fees and controlled by the Judicial Department. Despite the legislature’s directive, the Judicial Department refused to transfer the funds to the Attorney General’s Office. As a result, the Attorney General made plans to request supplemental funding from the General Assembly in January.


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