Attorney General Urges Colorado Legislature And Governor To Oppose National Popular Vote Interstate Compact

DENVER – Following the passage of Senate Bill 46 in the state senate, Colorado Attorney General John Suthers today urged the General Assembly and Governor Bill Ritter to keep Colorado out of the National Popular Vote Interstate Compact:

“There are many reasons to oppose this ill-conceived legislation, not the least of which are its significant legal implications. If Senate Bill 46 were to become law, the state of Colorado could become complicit in a litigious nightmare. In a close national election, every precinct in Colorado could become the scene of an electoral dispute of the nature of Florida in 2000.

“Instead of confining electoral disputes to certain, specific districts, the Interstate Compact would disperse election litigation among all 175,000 precincts across America. Our court system and our electoral process could be crippled as a result.”

Suthers also expressed concern that the legislation would have the effect of disenfranchising Coloradans and causing the state to lose political influence.

“This legislation is an affront to the framework designed by the Founding Fathers to give all states political relevance in presidential elections. It has serious constitutional implications, and at the very least, the issue should be put to a vote of the people.”


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