Attorney General Suthers Comments On Party-Line Vote Against Sex Offender Registration Bill

DENVER – Attorney General John Suthers today expressed disappointment following a party-line vote of 6-5 against House Bill 1127, which would have required sex offenders to register their online identities. All six Democrats on the House Judiciary Committee voted against the bill.

“All of law enforcement and the victim advocate community favored this bill. The additional burden on sex offenders would be far outweighed by the additional protection to children on the internet,” commented Suthers. “If politics played a role in this vote, I think that’s unconscionable.”

House Bill 1127, a bipartisan measure sponsored by senator Paula Sandoval (D-Denver) and representative Spencer Swalm (R-Centennial), was laid over by the committee on January 31 to address concerns regarding work-related email addresses. The Attorney General assisted in amending the bill to preclude addresses that listed employers by name. Despite the amendment, the bill was defeated on a party-line vote.

Members of the House Judiciary Committee voting against the bill were Terrance Carroll (D-Denver), Morgan Carroll (D-Aurora), Mike Cerbo (D-Denver), Andy Kerr (D-Lakewood), Claire Levy (D-Boulder), and Rosemary Marshall (D-Denver).

Members voting in favor of the bill were Ellen Roberts (R-Durango), Bob Gardner (R-Colorado Springs), Steve King (R-Grand Junction), Debbie Stafford (R-Aurora), and Amy Stephens (R-Monument).


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