Attorney General Suthers Brings Colorado Concerns To Mexico

DENVER – Colorado Attorney General John W. Suthers left today as part of a four-day exchange mission to Mexico. During the trip, a bipartisan delegation of Attorneys General from six Western states will discuss issues of mutual importance with Mexican state and federal officials.

The Attorneys General will discuss the topics of human trafficking and methamphetamine prohibition with their counterparts from Mexico’s National Conference of Attorneys General on Friday. They also will meet with Governor Marco Antonio Adame Castillo of the State of Morelos, as well as Eduardo Medina-Mora Icaza, the Attorney General for Mexico’s federal government.

 “The State of Colorado must work with other governments – both domestic and foreign – to combat issues such as methamphetamine abuse,” commented Attorney General Suthers before departing. “This trip should provide an excellent opportunity to increase our government’s working relationship with America’s southern neighbor, for the benefit of Colorado citizens.”

The delegation will meet with United States Ambassador Antonio Garza, Jr., in Mexico City before traveling to Cuernavaca, located approximately 50 miles south of the Mexican capital. Cuernavaca has been a sister city of Denver since 1983, and the two cities have participated in numerous exchange programs over the last two decades. Attorney General Suthers will also travel to the nearby city of Cuautla to meet with its mayor and city council before returning to Cuernavaca to convene the binational dialogue.

To augment Colorado’s benefit from the meeting, Attorney General Suthers is accompanied by the coordinator of his Foreign Prosecution Unit, investigator LuzMaria Shearer. Investigator Shearer and the Attorney General will discuss better methods of extradition and Article IV prosecution with Mexican authorities. Article IV prosecutions are trials held in Mexico for defendants who flee after being accused of serious crimes in the United States.

The trip is being sponsored by the Conference of Western Attorneys General. In addition to Attorney General Suthers, the other delegates include North Dakota Attorney General Wayne Stenehjem, Nevada Attorney General Catherine Masto, Idaho Attorney General Lawrence Wasden, and New Mexico Attorney General Gary King. Representatives from Arizona, California, Hawaii, and South Dakota will also be in attendance.


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