Attorney General Suthers Moves To Ban Robocalls

DENVER –Attorney General John W. Suthers is spearheading a measure to ban most robocalls in the state of Colorado. Introduced in the State Senate today, Senate Bill 146 will be sponsored by Senator Paula Sandoval (D-Denver) and Representative Larry Liston (R-Colorado Springs).

“Robocalls generate more complaints than any other issue, as most people are very annoyed and consider them an invasion of privacy,” commented the Attorney General. “Courts have upheld robocall bans in other states, and I believe it is time that Colorado considers rescuing its citizens from this relentless onslaught.”

The Attorney General’s Office receives hundreds of complaints each year regarding robocalls, and the upcoming election season promises another avalanche of unwanted solicitations in Colorado homes. SB-146 will prohibit the use of automated dialing systems to make robocalls to Coloradans, with several notable exceptions. Robocalls will still be allowed if made by schools or public safety organizations, or when a citizen has given prior consent to receive such calls.

“The party initiating responsible robocalls can be held accountable for their message. Unfortunately, many of the robocalls people receive have no accountability with party or message,” said Senator Sandoval. “I am very hopeful that this legislation will be successful.”

“I look forward to working with the Attorney General in carrying this good bit of legislation to stop the harassment of citizens by incessant automated phone calls,” added Representative Liston. “I have heard from many constituents that they are turned off by automated calls.”

SB-146 has been assigned to the Senate State, Veterans, and Military Affairs Committee. Attorney General Suthers encourages residents of Colorado to contact their state legislators and let them know whether they support or oppose a ban on robocalls.


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