Attorney General Says Death Sentence Appropriate In Case Involving The Murder Of A Witness

DENVER — Colorado Attorney General John Suthers said an Arapahoe County jury’s verdict today sentencing convicted murderer Robert Ray to death was appropriate given his crime: murdering a witness.

“I can only hope that today’s verdict offers the families of Javad Marshall-Fields and Vivian Wolfe a measure of solace that justice was done,” Suthers said. “Both young Coloradans were senselessly murdered in June 2005 simply because Marshall-Fields was a witness in a murder case.

“The cases of Robert Ray and Sir Mario Owens, whom a jury sentenced to death nearly a year ago, underline the need for Colorado to have a death penalty. Murderers already facing life imprisonment deserve to face a greater sanction when they premeditatively kill witnesses against them.”


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