Attorney General agrees with Colorado court of Appeals’ opinion that Amendment 20 ‘cries out for legislative action’

DENVER — Colorado Attorney General John Suthers released the following statement today concerning the Colorado Court of Appeal’s decision in People v. Clendenin:

“I am pleased to see the Court of Appeals’ has provided legal support for our case that a caregiver, under Amendment 20, must do more than simply provide marijuana to a patient,” Suthers said. “I also was pleased to see the assertion in the special concurrence that Amendment 20 ‘cries out for legislative action.’ I could not agree more. I hope the legislature will act and create a regulatory framework that gives substance to the Court of Appeals’ findings.”

Suthers has worked over the past several months with the governor’s office, legislators, and leaders from law enforcement and local government to discuss the multitude of issues that have arisen from the recent dramatic increase in medical marijuana patients, dispensaries and grow operations.


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