Attorney General unveils Internet-safety program aimed at preparing parents to help children confront online dangers

DENVER — Colorado Attorney General John Suthers announced today he has partnered with the Entertainment Software Association and Web Wise Kids to launch Wired With Wisdom, an Internet safety program designed to educate Colorado parents on how to help keep their children safe online. Colorado is the latest in a series of states, including California, New Mexico, Utah and Virginia, to participate in the program.

“Since becoming Attorney General, protecting children online has been one of my highest priorities,” Suthers said. “The Wired With Wisdom program will help parents learn more about the potential dangers their children face online. The program also will equip them to broach the issues of online predators, sexting and other emerging dangers with their children.”

The program, Wired With Wisdom, is designed to provide parents and caregivers with useful information and solutions related to the problems their children might encounter in today’s digital age. The program addresses the dangers associated with social networking, e-mail, cell phones, chat rooms, instant messaging and other technology widely used by youth today so that adults are equipped to educate young people about safe and responsible online practices.

State Rep. Nancy Todd and Commissioner of Education Dwight D. Jones also joined Suthers in praising the Wired With Wisdom program. 

“Education — for both children and adults — is a fundamental component of protecting our children online,” Jones said. “Educating Colorado’s parents on Internet safety will provide them vital information and knowledge to better protect their children’s online experiences.”

“As a parent, teacher and lawmaker, I know the important role that parents play in both the safety and the education of their children online,” Todd said. “Parents should be aware of the many communication forms that their children are using, from social networking, e-mail, cell phones, chat rooms and instant messaging, so that we can help them make safe and responsible decisions.”

“Many parents struggle with wading through the multitude of information available on how to best ensure that their children’s online experience is safe,” Colorado PTA President Lynn Huizing said. “The Wired With Wisdom program helps simplify this information, and provides parents with valuable tips on how to discuss these difficult issues with their children.”

The program will be available free of charge to Colorado parents and caregivers online to access at their convenience by visiting The password is “wisdom.” Users must register before using the free software.

“The ESA Foundation applauds Attorney General Suthers for his leadership on this issue, and is proud to provide the resources to launch this cutting edge initiative in Colorado,” said Robb Bohannon, a representative from the Entertainment Software Association. “Working together, we believe this program will help provide parents with the tools they need to ensure that Colorado’s youth stay safe online.”

“Our goal is to create a safer, friendlier online experience for millions of young people and we are excited that Attorney General Suthers is taking us all one step closer toward accomplishing that shared goal for Colorado,” Web Wise Kids Vice President Carol Urton said.

The Entertainment Software Association is the U.S. trade association dedicated to serving the business and public affairs needs of companies publishing interactive games for video game consoles, handheld devices, personal computers, and the Internet. The ESA began working in 2001 with Web Wise Kids, a non-profit organization dedicated to promoting child Internet safety. Their collaboration resulted in programs such as Wired With Wisdom that teach parents how they can help their children maintain a high standard of personal safety and responsibility online. The ESA is partnering with parents, school administrators and elected officials to make Web Wise Kids programs available to parents and schools across the country. Created to pursue the philanthropic efforts of the Entertainment Software Association in January 2000, the ESA Foundation is dedicated to supporting positive programs and opportunities that will make a difference in the health, welfare and quality of life of America’s youth.



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