Attorney General warns consumers about threatening calls from overseas using a Denver phone number

DENVER — Colorado Attorney General John Suthers warned consumers to beware of a series of phone calls consumers have reported receiving from the phone number 303-578-5558 or other variations on the final three digits. According to the reports, the caller identified himself as officers, sergeants or other titles typically ascribed to police officers. In some cases, consumers reported that the caller identified himself belonging to the Colorado Department of Law or other law enforcement agency. The callers are suspected of using this ruse to attempt to solicit personal information from consumers.

“Consumers should always be wary of any call they receive where the caller claims to be from local law enforcement and demands their personal information,” Suthers said. “Coloradans should be doubly concerned when a caller requests or demands their personal identifying information. As a general rule, you should never give out your personal identifying or personal financial information on a call that you did not initiate.”

Investigators have determined that the callers probably are based overseas and are hiding behind the Colorado area code.

The Office of the Attorney General received word of this scam from the Weld County Sheriff’s Office. The Sheriff’s Office reported that it is unaware of any consumer actually falling victim to the scam. Consumers who believe they have received such a call should report it to their local police department or sheriff’s office.

“Consumers should continue to be vigilant when receiving phone calls that sound suspicious and hang up,” Weld County Sheriff John Cooke said.

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