Attorney General announces judgment against individual behind Florida company engaged in unregistered debt management services

DENVER — Colorado Attorney General John Suthers announced today that his office has obtained a judgment for more than $594,000 against Thomas Roland for his role in an Orlando, Fla.-based unregistered debt management company that defrauded Colorado consumers.

This judgment follows a $594,000 judgment handed down in August against Orlando, Fla.-based Enhanced Servicing Solutions after the company engaged in unregistered debt management services for Colorado consumers. The August judgment, which comprised $504,000 in fines and $90,000 in consumer restitution, followed a June complaint against the company and Roland. The judgment also bars Roland and his company from collecting payments on prior debt-management contracts and from violating Colorado’s debt-management laws.

Roland and Enhanced Servicing Solutions provided “back end” debt management services for the Johnson Law Group, another Orlando, Fla.-based company the Office of the Attorney General recently filed a consumer protection lawsuit against. Roland and his company failed to register with the state of Colorado to comply with the Colorado Debt Management Services Act. According to the complaint, filed in Denver District Court, Enhanced Servicing Solutions ignored not only a December 17, 2010 letter from the state notifying it of Colorado’s registration requirements, but also did not respond to a January 25, 2011 subpoena.

Debt management companies are required by law to register with the state. To learn more about the regulation of debt management companies, file a complaint, or view a list of registered debt management companies and their disciplinary history, visit the Office of the Attorney General online at


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