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Attorney General Urges Colorado Legislature And Governor To Oppose National Popular Vote Interstate Compact

DENVER – Following the passage of Senate Bill 46 in the state senate, Colorado Attorney General John Suthers today urged the General Assembly and Governor Bill Ritter to keep Colorado out of the National Popular Vote Interstate Compact:

Attorney General Suthers Announces Auto Theft Ring Indictments

DENVER – Colorado Attorney General John Suthers, in conjunction with the Boulder County Sheriff’s Office, today announced the indictment and arrest of eight individuals resulting from a year-long grand jury investigation. The arrested individuals are alleged to have been involved in an auto theft ring believed to be responsible for nearly 350 stolen automobiles.

Media Advisory - Attorney General Suthers To Announce Legislation Protecting Children And At-Risk Coloradans


Friday, January 19, 2007 at 9:00 AM


Office of the Attorney General
1525 Sherman Street, 2nd Floor
Denver, CO 80203

Attorney General Suthers Announces Key Legislation To Curb Mortgage And Foreclosure Fraud

DENVER – In his ongoing effort to curb mortgage and foreclosure fraud, Attorney General Suthers announced today a key legislative proposal that will target appraisal fraud and mortgage brokers who engage in deceptive trade practices.

Attorney General Suthers Appoints Dennis Ellis Deputy Attorney General For State Services And Nate Strauch As Communications Director

DENVER – Attorney General Suthers announced today that Dennis Ellis will join the Attorney General’s Office in January as Deputy Attorney General for State Services. Dennis Ellis currently serves as executive director for the Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment. He will succeed Renny Fagan who left to become Sen. Ken Salazar’s state director.

“Dennis Ellis brings exceptional experience to this position,” said Suthers. “With his extensive background in public service and state government, he will serve the citizens of Colorado well.”

Media Advisory - Attorney General John Suthers To Announce Key Legislation To Fight Mortgage And Foreclosure Fraud

WHEN:    Monday, January 8, 2007 at 9:30 AM
WHERE:   Office of the Attorney General
1525 Sherman Street, 6th Floor

Attorney General Suthers Releases Arrest Figures From New Internet Safety Law

DENVER – Attorney General Suthers today released statewide figures detailing the number of charges brought by district attorneys following the implementation of HB-1011, the cornerstone of Suthers’ Safe Surfing Initiative, which has given law enforcement additional tools to prosecute Internet predators.

“In six short months, prosecutors have used these new laws to bring fifty-eight charges against alleged perpetrators,” said Suthers. “These laws are an important new tool in protecting our children from Internet predators.”

Attorney General Suthers Releases First Report Of The Methamphetamine Task Force

DENVER – Attorney General Suthers today released the first Methamphetamine Task Force Report pursuant to C.R.S. 18-18.5-103(6)(d). The Task Force was established last July to combat the scourge of methamphetamine in Colorado.

“Our data indicates that the rate of methamphetamine abuse has doubled in the last five years,” said Suthers, chair of the Methamphetamine Task Force. “This alarming trend has significant and devastating effects on our communities. Through the work of the Meth Task Force, we look forward to seeing this trend decline.”

Attorney General Issues Report On Recovery Of Immigration Costs

DENVER – As required by statute (HB 06S-1014), Attorney General John Suthers today issued a report detailing possible methods of recovering costs incurred by the State in dealing with illegal immigration.

Attorney General's Office Responds To University Questions Regarding New Ethics Law

DENVER – The Office of Attorney General John Suthers today issued an analysis of the implications of Amendment 41 on college and university employees. The analysis is in response to a request made by University of Colorado President Hank Brown.


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