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DENVER – Attorney General John Suthers will convene the second meeting of the Colorado Methamphetamine Task Force tomorrow, Tuesday, September 12 at 10 AM. The public meeting will be held at the Department of Law (1525 Sherman Street, Denver) in room 610.

At tomorrow’s meeting, task members will begin to develop a strategy to most effectively address meth in Colorado and assist local communities with curbing methamphetamine abuse.

DENVER - Colorado Attorney General John W. Suthers, and Colorado Securities Commissioner Fred J. Joseph, announced today the arrest of Mark Steven Blakemore of Erie, Colorado, (DOB: 11/20/56) for his alleged participation in a securities scam in the Boulder-Denver area.

DENVER – Attorney General John Suthers today issued an advisory warning consumers about foreign lottery scams. General Suthers issued the advisory after receiving an increased number of consumer inquires and complaints.

“Never send money or provide any personal information to anyone claiming to represent a foreign lottery,” said Suthers. “Not only is it against the law, consumers who lose money to these scams typically have little recourse.”

DENVER – Attorney General John Suthers today announced a series of lawsuits filed by his Consumer Protection Section against Xentel, Inc., a major national charitable fundraiser, and against three local charities, Colorado Children’s Assistance Center, Front Range Charitable Services, and Veterans for the Homeless. Charges were also brought against their officers.


Wednesday, August 30, 2006 at 10:30 AM



Department of Law
1525 Sherman Street, Room 610
Denver, CO  80203

*Please check in prior to the conference on the 7th floor.


DENVER – Attorney General John Suthers announced today that the Colorado Board of Pharmacy has suspended Western States Pharmacy from distributing pharmaceuticals and filed a Notice of Charges against Wendell Almeida, the pharmacist’s manager, following an investigation conducted by the Colorado Board of Pharmacy. The Attorney General represents the Board of Pharmacy in prosecuting the matter.

DENVER – Attorney General John Suthers today issued an advisory warning consumers about ATM skimming, a scam in which thieves use a card swipe device to capture information on an ATM card.

In this scheme, thieves use a portable card-reading device or “skimmer” that fits unobtrusively over the ATM card slot. The device then records the data on the card’s magnetic strip. In some cases, thieves have also attached small cameras nearby to record consumers as they enter in their PINs.

DENVER – Attorney General Suthers today praised the Colorado Supreme Court’s unanimous ruling that a Colorado statute prohibiting parolees from voting does not violate the Colorado Constitution.

In May, the Denver District Court granted the Attorney General’s Motion to Dismiss filed on behalf of the Secretary of State. Judge Michael A. Martinez, in writing the order, noted that the U.S. Supreme Court and the Colorado Courts have historically held that a “term of imprisonment” also includes a period of parole.

DENVER – Attorney General John Suthers announced today the formation of the Colorado Methamphetamine Task Force, pursuant to HB 06-1145 passed earlier this year. The announcement was made following the Methamphetamine Task Force’s first meeting.

“Meth abuse in Colorado has risen to extremely dangerous levels,” said Attorney General Suthers. “The damage meth inflicts on our communities and economy is immeasurable. This Task Force is the state’s largest coordinated, comprehensive approach to address the scourge of methamphetamine abuse in Colorado.”


Tuesday, July 25, 2006
11:15 A.M.

*The Methamphetamine Task Force, created by HB 06-1145, will hold their first public meeting prior to the press conference from 9-11 AM in room 610. If you are interested in attending this meeting, please check-in on the 7th floor before 9 AM.



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