Westwood College, Inc.

State of Colorado v. Alta colleges, Inc., a Delaware Corporation; wholly-owned subsidiary Westwood college, Inc., a Colorado corporation; and wholly-owned subsidiaries Trav Corporation, Elbert, Inc., El Nell, inc., and Grant Corporation, Colorado Corporations, and Wesgray Corporation, a Delaware Corporation, all d/b/a Westwood College.

Case No: 2012CV1600 – Denver District Court

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Final Consent Judgment

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Westwood completed a self-audit to determine which students were eligible for the finance charge reimbursement and applied any credits to the student’s APEX account or provide financial reimbursement directly to the student if the account is closed.  Students who would like to verify inclusion within the terms of the settlement are encouraged to contact Westwood College directly by sending an email inquiry to Financing@westwood.edu or by calling 303-846-1665.