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Under Colorado law (§§ 6-1-301 to 305, C.R.S.) a "commercial telephone seller" may not conduct business in this state without having registered with the Colorado Attorney General at least ten days prior to the conduct of such business.  This applies to any commercial telephone seller located in Colorado and to any commercial telephone seller contacting prospective purchasers in Colorado.

To register, you may complete the Registration/Renewal Form and return it to this office with the initial $200 telemarketing registration fee. (Make checks payable to the “Colorado Department of Law.”) Subsequent annual renewal requires a properly completed Registration/Renewal Form and a $100 processing fee. Exemption Forms are also available to provide notice to the Attorney General of a claimed exemption from the registration requirements of the Colorado Telemarketing Fraud Prevention Act.

PLEASE NOTE that this procedure does NOT waive your obligation to register as a Telemarketer with the Colorado No-Call program. In order to complete that process, please contact the Colorado No-Call vendor at If you have questions regarding the list, you may call Chris Lowe at the Colorado Public Utilities Commission: 303-894-2074.

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Questions concerning registration of telemarketing companies with the State of Colorado, please call 720-508-6209

Questions regarding the Colorado No-Call list, please call Chris Ware at the Colorado Public Utilities Commission 303-894-2074 or visit

Please send all correspondence to the following:

Colorado Department of Law
Consumer Protection Section
Ralph L. Carr Colorado Judicial Center
1300 Broadway, 7th Floor 
Denver, Colorado 80203