Hiring & Background Investigations: From Selection to Retention

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Monday, November 5, 2012 - Tuesday, November 6, 2012
I-70 West
Public Agency Training Council

The hiring process of a person seeking a career in law enforcement is a complex process with the ultimate goal of selecting the most qualified candidate who meets the standards of conduct as set by the agency. The process must be objective, consistent and equally applied to all candidates. In addition, the process must be compliant with all applicable Federal, state and Local laws as they apply to the hiring of a law enforcement officer. Included in this multi-faceted process is the recruitment stage, the applicant stage, the testing stage, the oral interview stage, the background investigation stage, the medical and psychological testing stage, the polygraph stage (if allowed by local law), the oral interview stage and finally the hiring stage. All of these stages involve some type of screening, interviewing and information processing

Instructor:          Dan Sosnowski

Registration:       Public Agency Training Council
                            Kelly Bailey

Hosting Agency:  Glenwood Springs Police Department
                            Neil Wagstrom

16 hrs.


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