Interviewing & Interrogation

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Monday, December 17, 2012 - Friday, December 21, 2012
Central Mountain
Fountain Police Department

This class is for the criminal Justice professional interested in improving their skills in gathering information through the use of the interview and / or the interrogation process.  This class will cover several of the following topics and much more:
-Successfully gather information and to evaluate the accuracy of the data collected.
-Recognize non-verbal communication and the role it plays in communication process.
-Comprehend key verbal words or phrases that assist in determining deception or involvement in individuals.
-Utilize conscious and subconscious rapport building to create either a positive or negative environment.
-Manipulate proxemics for the utmost benefits.
-Understand legal issues regarding interviewing and interrogation.
-Techniques for successful outcomes

Instructor:                      Dr. Steven Rhoads

Host Agency:                  Fountain police Department
                                       7525 E. Hampden Avenue
                                       Denver CO  80231

Agency Contact:             Neal Tyler

40 hours


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