Animal Neglect Investigation

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Wednesday, October 17, 2012 - Friday, October 19, 2012
San Luis Valley
Colorado Humane Society

Animal Neglect Investigations will include: CRS 18-9-292 overview with Fourth Amendment, CRS 36 & 37 limited Peace Officer status to BAP agents; Warrants/Case studies; Evidence- What to do with evidence-ever-changing; Photos and Vet Exam as evidence; Animal ID hands on; HB 1124 cost of care, due process for defendant, how to prep court clerks for this process; How to present to your Prosecutor/DA so they will carry your case; Small animal identification, capture and body condition score; How long to hold animals-when does cost outweigh evidentiary value; Hoarders-if it smells bad it probably is; Animal fighting; Large animal capture and containment with body condition score.

Colorado Humane Society

Instructor(s):          Katrina Schou
                               Bret Smith
                               Rigo Neira                           

Hosting Agency:      San Luis Valley Law Enforcement Training Foundation

To register email:   Wendy Sewell

24 hrs.



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