2013 Colorado Drug Investigators Association Training Summit

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Wednesday, September 4, 2013 - Friday, September 6, 2013
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I-70 West
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CDIA- Vail Marriott Mountain Resort
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Sgt. Dave Beyer - dbeyer@cdiausa.org or 303-621-2180 x 224
Colorado Drug Investigators Association

MG0035 - Leading in Task Force Environments: Reality of Managing Risk - 2 hours
Ernie Martinez & Jerry Peters
This course will cover effective Supervison & Management of Task Force Operations
  -Changing Perception
  -Law Enforcement Partnerships
  -Evolving Social Dynamics
Legislative Effect on Operations
  -Unfunded Mandate
  -Intended-Unintended Consequences
Legal Overview
  -Practices v. Policy
  -Data Retention
Legacy-Impact on Areas on Influence
  -Future Expectations

TC0043 - Tactical Combatives for Undercover Officers - 6 hours
Karen Bartuch & Matt McNamara
This hands on course will present the students with physical skills that have been validated in real-world undercover and tactical operations and violent encounters.  Regardless of size, current skill level or gender, students will leave with an iproved ability to protect themselves, their teammates and coworkers.  The fighting system used in this course is based on principles, not flashy techniques.  These pricipled skill sets allow the students to leave and maintain skills presented immediately when needed.

CT0002 - Courtroom Survival & Report Writing - 4 hours
Steven Peterson
A trial is about perception and persuasion.  How does a jury percive you and how can you persuade a jury? The class is designed to prepare officers for the rigors of cross examination by defense attorneys. Confidence, proffessionalism and integrity are emphasized when exploring the common areas of defense attorneys explit to discredit officers.  This class will also demonstratethe greatest pitfall of police work, poorly written reports. An officer's ability to write reports is a major factor in a prosecutor's determination to try, plead or even dismiss a case.  Making a million dollar seizure can enhance your career. Losing it because of poorly written reports can end your career.  Officers are taught the importance of detailed report writing, note taking and appropriate preparation for various court hearings relative to successful prosecutions. Report writing exercises will enhance the students understanding and abilities.

UT0026 - Internet Profiling & Intelligence Gathering - 2 hours
Michele Stuart
This class will provide step by step in depth researching techniques utilizing online and open source databases located on the web to assist in locating "hidden" information on a subject;s web presense from public records, criminal records and social networking profiles. The class will further demonstrate how to uilize he internet as an effective investigative research tool (by manipulating search criteria) in locating and creating an entire profile on an individual, security intelligence, corporate intelligence, gang & terrorism intelligence. Informationis pulled from numerous surface and deep web search engines and further explores how to protect your own information.

DU0035 - Rx Drugs: Investigations and Prosecutions - 2 hours
Rob Shapiro and MJ Menendez
In this presentation, detectives and investigators will learn how the actions, decisions, and thorough follow-up of first responders can transform a case from "an overdose" to a criminal act resulting in death, resulting in tough sentences and tremendous deterrent value in the community. Prescription narcotics will be explained by type, quantity, potential lethality, and effect on the human body. Investigative tools, such as Colorado's PDMP system will be
highlighted and discussed. The presentation will include facts, charging decisions, and information from past and present investigations as actual examples of successes and failures in the system. At the conclusion, investigators and detectives will come away with an understanding that contact with a street level user or diverter can lead to homicide prevention and successful dismantling of criminal organizations.


TO REGISTER GO TO www.cdiausa.org

Training Location:          11th Annual CDIA Training Summit - Vail Marriott Mountain Resort 715 W. Lionshead Circle, Vail, CO 81657



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