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Collection Agency Regulation

The Administrator for the Colorado Fair Debt Collection Practices Act (CFDCPA) hosted a meeting for consumer advocacy groups and associations, and other interested parties, on Friday, January 25, 2019. View the transcript from the meeting.
The Administrator for the  CFDCPA hosted a meeting for licensees, industry groups, client groups and other interested parties on July 30, 2018. View the transcript from the meeting.
Senate Bill 17-216 was recently enacted and contains some substantive changes to the CFDCPA.  This memo from the Administrator of the CFDCPA outlines the changes.
In accordance with Senate Bill 17-216, the Administrator of the CFDCPA has prepared a biannual report. View the First Bi-Annual Report here. View the Second Bi-Annual Report here.

The Colorado Fair Debt Collection Practices Act is a state law that governs the actions of debt collectors and collection agencies. It provides consumers with certain rights and restricts the practices collection agencies may use to attempt to collect debts. For example, the law prohibits collection agencies from using harassment, misleading, and unfair practices. The law prohibits unnecessary disclosure of the debt to parties not obligated to pay the debt. The law does not apply to creditors collecting their own debts.

The Colorado Attorney General's Office, through the Administrator of the Colorado Fair Debt Collection Practices Act, investigates complaints about collection agencies and takes appropriate disciplinary or legal action when a collection agency has violated the law. This office cannot give legal advice nor can we represent individual consumers in actions against collection agencies. Consumers may bring legal action against collection agencies under the Colorado Fair Debt Collection Practices Act.
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